CEO Message In this era of fast paced life, execution of business decisions has significantly been impacted through the use of technology. Planning, analysis and strategy developments are now all dependent on the plethora of information available. Correct usage of this information can impact and reward the outcome of business results in the shape of growth, profits, market share and also the brand image and perception a company portrays in the one large global market. Technology has indeed transformed how we think and perform our tasks. Most of all it has unified markets into a global village promoting direct interactions with customers and service providers. Indeed, business is being executed at the speed of thought.

Our journey to become a leader in the food business in Pakistan and a major player in the international markets has not come about without the use of technology. In fact our growth rate has been sustained through the continuous usage and up gradation of technology when adapting to modern management practices.

Our brand new website showcases all our categories and brands and in fact offers you an opportunity to directly interact with us. Although we produce branded multi category food items; the complex process of manufacturing, supply chain management, quality assurance, research and development, market research and brand marketing practices are heavily dependent on the extraction and usage of data to make decisions.

Welcome to the new era of business management.

Faisal Ghauri

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Dua Industries is severing in the market for the last 7 years. Although there are many vinegar companies in the market but Dua Industries is the most promising due to its premium quality and competitive rates. The question arises why to use Laiba Foods vinegar? The answer is simple. Until you use it you would not be able to acknowledge its quality. It can be use in pickle, chines food and continental food as well. We are registered with chamber of commerce and trade Bahawalpur and also registered with FBR Pakistan. We value our customer opinion.


Passion We act with intense positive energy and are not afraid to take risks. We challenge ourselves continuously, we’re good at what we do, and we take pride in who we are. People-centric We put our people first. We treat them with respect and actively contribute towards their development. Customer Focus. We see the world through the eyes of our customers. We do everything possible that makes them happy. Leadership We are part of the solution, never the problem. We act like owners and have a positive influence on others. Teamwork Our roles are defined, not our responsibilities. We believe in going the extra mile to accomplish our goals.

We coach and support each other to ensure everyone wins. We have a “WE versus I” mindset. Ethics We don’t run our business at the cost of human or ethical values. Excellence in execution We say. We do. We deliver. We talk with our actions. We strive for nothing but the best. Execution is the key to winning! Accountability We see. We act. We take full responsibility for our actions and results. We don’t blame others for our mistakes; we analyze them and correct them.


To be a biggest food company by the year 2030 in the convenience food segment by launching products and services in the domestic markets that enhance lifestyle and create value for our customers through management excellence at all levels.

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